The American Goldfinch is one of the most loved and popular birds to attract. It is a sociable bird that usually travels in flocks of a hundred. This North American bird is migratory and travels from Southern Canada to North Carolina during the breeding season and from south of the Canadian border to Mexico during winter. A very small and colorful bird, it is typically 11-13 cm long with a yellow (male) to dull brown (female) body color and a pink pointed bill.
Among the most widely eaten seeds of the American Goldfinch are sunflower chips, thistle, canary seed, dandelion, and cracked nutmeats. But it is often said that your best choice would be thistle because it is what the American Goldfinch prefers the most and that most medium and large birds as well as squirrels do not eat thistle, thus, the American Goldfinch could eat in peace.
A lot of feeders are designed specifically for the American Goldfinch. Often these are small tube feeders that hold thistle seed. However, the best ones are the tubular types that can be hanged upside down from a hook or tree branch. This type of birdfeeder often comes with a roof protection against nature and predators.