As the most common falcon in America, the American Kestrel can be found from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego to various wild lands. It spans 8.5 inches in length with a wing of 21 inches. Its appearance can be described as having long pointed wings, a short and hooked beak, a gray crown, two black mustache marks, and a black spot at the rear of crown on both sides. Considered as the most colorful raptor in the world, the female species of the American Kestrel often carry a beautiful streak on their chests.
The American Kestrel has two main types of hunting techniques. The more common style is when they perch in a high location that gives a good view of the landscape. The other technique is when they face into the wind and hover to survey the terrain below. The American Kestrel often likes to feed on smaller mammals like mice and large insects.
Lots of birdfeeder types have been created for the American Kestrel. Among the simplest ones to use as a mouse feeder would be a discarded aquarium with a crack or leak. The sides of the aquarium should be no higher than what is required to prevent the mice from escaping. A cedar house with holes for good drainage and ventilation is also a perfect place for small species of the American Kestrel.