The Bald Eagle is a very large raptor that has been the national emblem of the United States since 1782. It often has a brown body, white head and tail, a large and hooked bill, and long broad wings. Young Bald Eagles have a prolonged period of exploration of about four years, wandering in states like Florida, California, and Michigan. Threatened with extinction in the last decade because of DDT pesticide poisoning, the Bald Eagle was protected under the Endangered Species Act.
The Bald Eagle likes to hunt manly for fish but also eats squirrels, rabbits, waterfowl, and other small mammals. During the winter, Bald Eagles love to feed on carrion and carcasses of whales and larger fishes. They also feed on food remnants in garbage dumps. Among the animals they like to prey on include raccoons, beavers, sea otters, ducks, geese, swans, crabs, and various reptiles and amphibians. But their favorite remains fish which they hunt for by swooping down over the water and snatching the fish with their talons.
When making a feeder for the Bald Eagle, make sure to include lots of fish because it gets primarily attracted to such. The fish need not be alive. Don’t forget to make the feeder large enough as well.