The Barn Owl is a heart-shaped bird and is 18 inches high. It is called such because it likes to live in dark, high, and cozy places such as church steeples and barn lofts. The Barn Owl is often glaring white with long legs. It can be found in almost continents except in Antarctica. Mostly they like to dwell in the temperate and tropical regions and are very widespread.
As natural hunters, Barn Owls like to hunt food in open countries, high rises in cities, farm bars, and dark places. They often feed on smaller rodents and mice. They also like dark, small and high places that allow them not just to feed on unsuspecting smaller preys but also protect them from their own larger predators. They conceal themselves so well and so silently during the day hardly anyone will be aware of their presence.
With the Barn Owl’s living pattern, the best birdhouse and feeder for them would be box types that can be nestled well in barns and church towers. These need to be at least 10 feet off the ground to really attract the bird. Only a small opening that acts as entrance from the outside of the building is necessary.