Barred Owls are characterized by brown eyes, brown and white upper parts, dark bars and streaks on breast and belly, and heavy streaks and spots all around. They are often medium sized and have large heads. Some Barred Owls have unique pink belly feathers, attributed often to a diet rich in crayfish. They can be found in the eastern part of North America and thrive in habitats such as moist forests, wooded swamps, and near waterways.
As a very common owl, Barred Owls can often be seen hunting during daytime. Their diet consists of mainly mice but they also feed on rabbits, foxes, opossums, chipmunks, and birds like doves. Occasionally they also capture fish and other water species. Their hunting technique is to perch silently in the night of fly through the woods and search for prey.
In making a feeder for Barred Owls, one great material you can use is cedar wood because of its long lasting durability. Make sure the box is vented and that the feeder has drains. Place the box high in a tree so that the Barred Owls can see it easily. Remember to put up the feeder not later than one month before the nesting season.