The Blue Jay is considered as one of the most beautiful birds in the world. They often range from 9 to 12 inches in length and are colored a majestic gray blue from their crown to their crest. Blue Jays have bright blue wings and tail feathers with white and black bands. Their upper parts are colored bluish gray while the lower parts are off-white.
The diet of the Blue Jay consists of a variety of foods as these birds are said to be intelligent and adaptable. During winters, they feed largely on seeds, berries, fruits, nuts, and vegetable matter. In other seasons, they like to prey on large insects, bird eggs, baby birds, caterpillars, grasshoppers, and mice. Mostly though, Blue Jays are vegetarians. They eat nuts by holding such with their feet and then cracking the shell with their bill.
Large platform feeders often attract Blue Jays. Make sure to fill the feeder with a lot of peanuts and sunflower seeds. Planting a lot of trees that Blue Jays will feed from will also attract a lot of Blue Jays. Such trees include oak trees, pine trees, and birch trees. Berry-producing shrubs will also work great since Blue Jays eat berries.