The Brown Trasher is a twelve-inch long bird with orange brown upper parts and a long tail. Among its other features are orange brown upper parts, dark wings with two white bands, and a long curved bill. It is usually found in North America, Canada, and the Gulf States. It likes low trees and dense vegetation and it can often be seen in fields and residential areas.
The diet of the Brown Trasher often consists of insects, nuts, seeds, fruits like berries, and invertebrates. They often feed on the ground using their long curved bill to search food amongst leaf and ground debris.
In making a feeding area for Brown Trashers, take note that the best feeders are usually seed and suet feeders and ground and platform feeders. Make sure you put a lot of mixed seed, fruit, corn, crumbled bit of suet, or puddings. Remember to put in a water source as well where they could drink and bathe in. Small watering holes attract birds for easier viewing. Get rid or lessen the chance of possible predators to attack, such as cats and dogs. Plant a lot of berry-producing species as well as Brown Trashers lover almost kinds of berries.