The Bufflehead is a beautiful, fifteen-inch long bird with a sharp black and white color. It can be described as having a black crown, face, neck and back and a white underside and patch behind each eye. It normally resides in the northern regions such as Alaska, Canada, Columbia, USA, Mexico, and the Caribbean. The name buffalo head or bufflehead came from the ducks large-headed appearance. At times, it is also called “butter ball” because of its thick fatty later that allows it to tolerate cold weather well.
The Bufflehead is an excellent diver and can take flight from water without having to run along the surface, unlike other ducks. Bufflehead often feeds on fish as well as crustaceans and insects. Often seen in small groups, they feed in groups as well. As one or two feed, the others look out for potential danger.

To build a good feeder for the Bufflehead, one method is to make it around 7 inches in length and width, with an inside ceiling and entrance hole. Make sure to mount the feeder box at least 10 feet high on a tree trunk or on a post above water. Place some wood chips on the floor.