The Bullock’s Oriole is a colorful songbird that is very versatile and adaptable It can often be found in southern Appalachian forests and continental United States. There are two main races of the Bullock’s Oriole: the eastern and the western.
The Bullock’s Oriole often eats insects, fruits, and flower nectar. It is readily attracted to nectar or sugar water mixtures. When feeding the Bullock’s Oriole, it is also beneficial to experiment on food because sometimes the Bullock’s Oriole can change its liking.
Planting a lot of fruit trees like apple and cherry as well as birch trees or elm trees will definitely attract the Bullock’s Oriole and will give plenty of regular food supply as well. Oranges in particular are constant favorites so you can also hammer pieces of oranges into trees around the area. You can also provide a variety of full-sized shade trees which birds can choose from when selecting a nesting site. Nest boxes aren’t really necessary because the Bullock’s Oriole can build their own hanging nests. Avoid using insecticides or herbicides in the area because insect-eating birds like the Bullock’s Oriole can accumulate such toxins in their bodies. Remember to provide a bird bath that will serve as their drinking and bathing water.