Cardinals are said to be the most popular songbirds of North America. Male Cardinals have vibrantly colored feathers and crested heads while the female ones have a slightly more dull reddish color. As non-migratory birds, Cardinals often stay in an area as long as there is adequate food and shelter.
The diet of the Cardinal can vary but it consists mainly of hard seeds, fruits and insects. It feeds on the ground or from twig perches. Among the particular food it intakes are seeds, bugs, beetles, sumac, tree buds, dry grains, and fleshy fruits. One of its favorites is Eastern red cedar berries also known as the staple of the Cardinal.
Cardinals can dine in any bird feeder but would rather feed on a steady feeder over a hanging bird feeder that is about 5-6 feet above the ground. They usually dine very early in the morning and late in the evening. In addition to berries, another favorite is sunflower seeds that they will usually eat first when mixed with other seeds. The rest of the day, they like to sing, being very vocal birds. It is beneficial to plant red cedar trees that act as singing perches during breeding season and a source of food during winter.