The Carolina Chickadee is a bird of the forest that is non-migratory. It is a pretty black, white and gray bird with some red brown markings on its sides. Among the places it dwells in are forests, groves, wooded areas, swamps, farms, and ponds. It is a very friendly bird that can be tamed to eat from a birdwatcher’s hand. It likes to feed on sunflower seeds, suet, nutmeats like peanuts and pecans, bread crumbs, and even donuts and pie crusts. It also feeds on insects, eggs, and larva. It eats seeds and peanuts by hammering and cracking the shell with its bill while holding it securely with his feet.
The Carolina Chickadee readily uses nest boxes. If you plan to have a feeding and habitat area for the Carolina Chickadee, make sure you have a forest-type area with a lot of trees, weedy fields, conifers, and more. For the feeder box itself, one technique is to have an inside ceiling and an entrance hole for enough ventilation. Make sure the hinged roof is secured with shutter hooks for easy access. Mount the box on a tree trunk or hand it from a limb and put a few chips on the box floor.