Carolina Wrens are brown, southern birds that are about six inches in length. They are generally non-migratory birds although sometimes the younger ones travel northward. Their appearance can be described as having brown upper parts and tinged under parts. They can often be found in the eastern half of the USA and Mexico. Carolina Wrens are one of the nine species of wrens that occur in North America.
During winters, Carolina Wrens migrate to the further north but harsh winters may drive their range southward. In 1978, there was a drastic drop of population of Carolina Wrens because of the year’s extremely harsh weather. Nevertheless, over the past few decades, populations have continues to rise again.
Carolina Wrens feed mostly on insects such as tree frogs but they also eat fruits and seeds. In making feeders and bird houses for Carolina Wrens, one technique is to place an entrance hole above the floor and ventilation openings. Mount or hang the box from tree limbs in somehow secluded locations with a good balance of sun and shade. Male Wrens often build several nests for the female to choose from so more than one nest box may be more attractive to the Wrens.