The Chickadee is a small and very energetic bird. Part of the Titmouse family, there are five species of chickadees in North America, namely the black capped chickadee, the Chestnut backed chickadee, the Carolina chickadee, the mountain chickadee, and the Mexican chickadee. As colonial birds, chickadees are usually seen in pairs or small groups. Each group also has a predator defense system, with every eye ready to warn the group should it see impending danger.
The Chickadee’s diet mainly consists of berries, seeds and insects. The active chickadee likes to hop around and cling to twigs, and branches with lots of insect eggs and larvae. They also enjoy the berries of poison ivy, blueberry, bayberry, and serviceberry.
Remember to put a lot of black oil sunflower seed in your Chickadee feeder as this is one of their favorites. What they’ll do is take one seed from the feeder, fly away and perch in a nearby area to eat it. Chickadees also enjoy gray striped sunflower seeds, peanut kernels, hulled sunflower seeds, peanut butter mixes and suet, one of those high-energy foods they appreciate. Often, platform feeders filled with a lot of peanuts and fresh fruits work great. Suet and nugget feeders are effective as well.