Crows are large insect-eaters that feed on millipedes, eggs and the young of other birds, field crops, snails, small amphibians, small reptiles, small mammals, waste corn and other grains, fruits, and garbage. As scavengers, crows help to get rid of the environment’s carrion and garbage. In addition, they can help control pests that farmers want to get rid of. The trees they prefer as habitats for nesting include sycamore, beech, sweet gum, chestnut, holly, sassafras, oak, and cedars.
If you want to feed crows, there are a lot of easy options. For instance, they like fatty or oily foods like cheese, chips, and others. They also eat dog food, nuggets, and lots of seeds. During the nesting season, they prefer eggs, such as a hardboiled hens egg. Most crows are omnivorous and they eat a lot of corn as well. You can attract crows by planting monocultures of corn or wheat.
In setting up a feeder, one option is to have an elevated wood deck with a wide railing around it that is wide enough to place a heavy clay plant saucer on but high enough to be not readily accessible to raccoons and other mammals. In the saucer, you can put the crow food like meat, seeds, and those mentioned above.