One of the most familiar types of woodpecker in North America, the Downy Woodpecker can be found throughout the woodlands of North America as well as in Canada, Alaska, and Texas. It can be described as having a short bill and black and white plumage. Their short and chisel-like bill is specially suited for probing of insects and larvae and for making a nest site.
The diet of the downy woodpecker mainly consists of suet, peanut, insects, seeds, and nuts. You can attract downy woodpeckers by setting up backyard feeders with lots of suet and peanut butter. Since seed blends well with nuts, you can blend such combinations and feed the downy woodpecker peanut butter and similar mixtures. Suet is also a favorite, especially those in peanut and nut flavors. You can feed them suet in simple baskets of in special suet feeders to make them more comfortable.
You can also attract downy woodpeckers by feeding them peanut butter in special peanut butter feeders. You can make a special peanut butter feeder that lets the birds perch and eat from both sides. Once it is constructed, all you have to do is spread the peanut butter on the wire grid to attract the downy woodpeckers.