The Eastern Phoebe is a small flycatcher with gray brown upper parts, dark wings and tail, pale under parts, and black bill, legs and feet. It breeds in areas in North America and was the first bird to be banded in North America. Eastern Phoebes can sing perfect songs even if they are raised in isolation, unlike most songbirds who must hear other birds to hone their vocal chords. They are also the only species of flycatchers that spend winters in southeastern U.S.A.
The diet of the Eastern Phoebe mostly consists of small fish, insects, fruits and berries. They love to capture spiders and small insects in flight and on the ground. In feeding Eastern Phoebes, one option is to attach nest shelves 8 to 12 feet off the ground on large trees, barns and sheds, and eaves of houses. Build a birdbath as well or a garden pool for water source. Some of the best areas where you can put feeders for the Eastern Phoebe include tall trees at the back of property – trees such as red cedar, black gum, and oaks. You can also mount them on fruit trees such as apple and cherry trees. Put a variety of fruits and insects on the feeders.