Screech Owls are adaptable birds that can be seen in almost any part of the United States as well in areas of Mexico and Canada. There are two main types of Screech Owls: the Western and the Eastern. The Western Screech Owl is a bit larger than the Eastern Screech Owl at eleven inches long. But it has more or less the same coloring as the Eastern Screech Owl: red, brown and black streaks, white undersides with crossed black streaks, and black circles around yellow eyes. Western Screech Owls often live in farms and wooded towns near waters while Eastern Screech Owls inhabit forests and wooded towns as well.
If you want to attract or feed Screech Owls, you can create snags which provide nesting cavities for them. Also, do not cut your valuable food-producing trees as fruit trees are loved by the Screech Owls. In the absence of snags, you can also construct nest boxes with perching pegs. It is also best to mount nest boxes in areas near streams and bodies of water, because Screech Owls like to prey on frogs, toads, crayfish, salamanders, and minnows as well. Just remember to not approach too close because Screech Owls are aggressive nest defenders.