The Finch is a backyard bird that feeds on the ground and selects weed stalks and foliage. They are short distance migrants and may live up to 10 years in the wild. They often build nests in tree branches or holes, grass or rock crevices.
The diet of the Finch mostly consists of seeds, insects and berries. To feed finches, you can use hanging mesh socks filled with thistle seeds and other seeds, especially in dry climates. Remember that birdseed should be kept dry to prevent them from becoming moldy and to avoid making sick. This is also why mesh feeders are not ideal in rainy climates. Mesh feeders also get dirty quickly because birds have dirty feet but they can be easily washed in soap and water.
The more feeders you have, the easier it is to attract a whole flock of finches. There are also a lot of mesh feeders sold in the market that allow finches to cling and eat but discourages other birds from stealing the seeds. Just make sure that the feeder you chose provides maximum airflow to keep the seeds fresh and dry. In addition, it is beneficial to find or build a feeder with a durable nylon bag that finches can cling into.