The Golden-fronted Woodpecker is one kind of woodpecker that can be described as nine to ten inches long and having a red crown and nape, black and white back, wings, and feathers, white head and under sides, and black beak. It is typically found in the forests and shrub areas of Oklahoma, Texas and Mexico. It mainly feeds on insects but also eats fruit, nuts, sap, berries, and pine seeds.
In making a feeder for the Golden-fronted Woodpecker, one option is to build or buy a specially designed suet feeder. Golden-fronted woodpeckers are attracted by suet, so make sure to place a lot of suet and suet cakes on your feeder. You can also try a platform feeder or seed feeder and put a lot of black oil sunflower seed in it as well as raisins, corn, and slices of fruits. Remember to mount the feeder at least ten feet high and place wood chips in the box.
Whatever feeder you decide to use, make sure there is a lot of perching space to further attract the Golden-fronted Woodpecker. It will also help if you create a snag in your backyard. It can be an old dead tree or tree trump which provides food, nest sites and homes for the Golden-fronted Woodpecker.