Grackles are Native American birds that are mostly seen in the southwestern and southeastern states. They can be described as having long wedge-shaped tails with a crease down the middle, long and sharp conical bills, yellow eyes, and dark feathers. They can often be found in large flocks with other types of birds. Grackles feed mostly on various types of grains like rice, corn, and oats. They also feed on mice, eggs, and small fish.
If you wish to build or buy a feeder for grackles, one type of feeder that is effective is those transparent tube types with holes in them and with little stands where the grackles can perch in as they feed. These holes and perches should be distributed down the tube. Entrance holes should measure about 2-3 inches and placed 14 inches above the floor.
Take note that grackles are very aggressive feeders. They are somewhat heavier than most birds and can easily dislodge plastic, duct tape, or wires. Make sure your feeder is secure and strong enough to last a hundred or a thousand feedings. In addition, mount your grackle feeder in trees most favored by grackles whenever they are nesting. These include pine trees, evergreen trees, and various shrubs, orchards, and farmlands.