Hawks are one of the most popular vultures in America. There are two basic types of hawks: the buteos that like to soar and the accipitors which are the hawks that live in forested areas. Whether buteos or accipitors, hawks are birds with very sharp eyesight hence their ability to spot prey even from a long distance. They are especially equipped with sharp, curbed beaks to easily tear their prey.
There are a lot of food options for hawks, especially in the urban dwellings. If you like to have a hawk feeder yourself, one option you have is the most common type of hawk feeder, which is the Cooper’s Hawk. Usually, small birds are placed at the Cooper’s Hawk to attract hawks on a regular basis.
Perching and nesting sites are necessary to attract birds of prey like hawks. It is more effective if you grow a lot of trees for the hawks to perch on or if you put your feeder near lots of trees. You can also build your own perches by adding extensions to fence posts throughout a field or orchard. Likewise you can place simple crossbars on top of a pole so that the hawks can land and perch on such when there is a strong wind.