The House Finch is a wild bird often found in the western parts of America. Its color varies from light yellow to bright red. House finches mostly dine on grains, seeds, buds and fruits. They also love canary seeds and sometimes flower parts and insects. They feed by scouring for food on the ground or by perching in high location when in open territories. They regularly extract seed from winter berries and they drink at least once a day by scooping water into their beak.
If you want to set up a feeder for House Finches, the good news is that almost any type of feeder and food can attract House Finches. But of course you still have to stick to tried and tested techniques and dimensions to attract more of them. First thing to look into is to find the right materials for your feeder. You can use coniferous wood or any other type of forest wood to build your feeder. Make sure the screws you will use are corrosion resistance so that they will last long.
But make sure to put a lot of birdseeds, bread crumbs and nectar, lots of fruits, and bakery crumbs. Put their favorite sunflower thistle and canary seeds as well.