The House Sparrow is a small bird with a brown, gray, black and white plumage. Its usual physical characteristics include white cheeks, brown head, black chest and throat, and white bars on its upper wings.
It is relatively easy to build a birdhouse feeder for House Sparrows. Due to their abundance, House Sparrows will nest and feed in many places and you need only the simplest materials and design. Remember that as small birds, House Sparrows need small birdhouse feeders. An appropriate size would be 4 inches in width x 4 inches in length x 9-12 inches in height. The simplest birdhouse feeder for House Sparrows can be constructed with the above dimensions. Mount the feeder by the eaves of houses or buildings and make sure it faces the east to avoid direct sunlight as well as intense wind and rain.
Make sure you have an access hole in your feeder. The access hole can be around 32 mm in diameter or about 1.2 to 2 inches. The hole is ideally placed about 6 to 7 inches from the floor. In addition, remember to protect the area surrounding the feeder and ensure that it has significant water source because that is essential to the survival of sparrows.