House Wrens are small birds that can be described as having a brown head and back, white eyebrows, gray to brown under parts, dark wings and tail, and a thin bill. House Wrens often breed in places like Southern Canada, California, Mexico, and other parts of America. They dwell in areas such as farmlands, woodlands, shrubby areas, forest openings, residential areas, orchards, and parks.
House wrens are easily attracted to yards because they are very tolerant to human activity. They can choose many manmade objects as their nesting site. In setting feeders for the House Wrens, make sure that the location where you will place the feeder is close to shrubby areas and not out in the open. Put a one side panel that lifts upward for easy cleaning of the feeder. The wood should be ideally 0.75” thick to aid insulation. The dimensions of the feeder could be 4 inches in width and length and 6 inches in height, plus a 1 ¼ inch diameter entrance hole to keep English sparrows and other birds out. The hole should be about 7-10” off the floor. Mount the feeder with a metal hanger. It should be at least 5-10 feet off the ground.