The Indigo Bunting is a small bird with a conical bill. The male Indigo Bunting has dark blue and very brilliant plumage and black wings while the female one has dark brown upper parts and lighter brown under parts. It breeds in areas like Saskatchewan, Arizona, the Gulf Coast, Florida, and the tropics. Its preferred habitats include woodland clearings, old pastures and fields, farmlands, and forest edges.
The diet of the Indigo Bunting primarily consists of insects, larvae, grains, seeds, berries. To attract Indigo Buntings, it is imperative to set up an appropriate birdhouse feeder that has more or less the measurements of 5 x 5 inches floor and 8 inches ceiling. The entrance hole located 2-10 feet above ground should be 1-2 inches in diameter. Remember to place the feeder in shrubs or near herbs and plants in the ground. Put a lot of mealworms, seed, suet, fruit and nuts on your feeder because these are some of the Indigo Bunting’s favorites.
Aside from a feeder, water source is also important to attract the Indigo Buntings to feed on your feeder. Fill your water source with a lot of feeder. You can use plastic water dishes as your water containers.