Juniper Titmice or the Juniper Titmouse is a small gray bird that is mostly found in the western and southern part of the United States. Its physical characteristics include light gray under parts, round wings, dark bill and eyes, and a long and dark fan-shaped tail. Juniper Titmice prefer to dwell in open woodlands.
Juniper Titmice often feed on insects, seeds, nuts, limbs, twigs, and fruits. It likes to pluck food from trees and bushes as well as from the ground. To build a birdhouse for the Juniper Titmice, some ideal measurements would be a 4” by 4” floor and 8-10” height. Put a 1 ¼ inch opening. Fill the feeder with lots of shelled peanuts or black oil sunflower seed to make sure the Juniper Titmice come near. You can also put chunks and slices of fruits like grapes or apple. Hang the feeder about 8 to 15 feet off the ground.
Another option is to have a suet feeder filled with peanut butter suet because this is another tempting food for the Juniper Titmice. You can also smear the peanut butter suet in nearby tree trunks so they can have a treat anywhere they first land or rest.