The Meadowlark is a short and stocky bird that can be described as having brown upper parts, yellow under parts, black breast, and pointed bill. It can be found in places like British Columbia, Manitoba, Michigan, Texas, Mexico, Utah, and Arkansas. It commonly dwells in areas like plains, meadows, and prairies. Meadowlarks prefer grasslands and areas with vegetation.
The diet of meadowlarks mainly consists of insects like crickets, grasshoppers, cut works and grubs. However they also eat seeds and grains. They feed more often than not on top of the ground or just beneath the soil.
If you want to attract meadowlarks into your feeder, make sure to set up perches by your feeder so that the meadowlark can perch on it while it feeds or sings. In addition, you have to protect secondary habitat types that meadowlarks like to inhabit, such as grasses and other vegetation. Avoid spraying insecticides near your feeder and put a lot of waste grains and seeds on the feeder to attract more meadowlarks. Do not spray herbicides on the weeds that bear seeds that meadowlarks eat. For this reason, it is also more beneficial to grow the weeds. Remember to protect the perch and feeder area with fence posts to protect the meadowlark against competition or predators.