Mountain Bluebirds can often be seen in ranchland and open areas. They are medium-sized songbirds that can be described as having large round heads, chunky bodies, blue wings and tail, and a small thrush. Mountain Bluebirds often occurs outside their normal ranges in winter and can be found in parts of Alaska as well as in the Midwestern and eastern states. Mountain Bluebirds compete with Eastern Bluebirds for nest boxes and tend to exclude each other from their territories. Nevertheless, the Mountain Bluebird dominates the Eastern Bluebird when they overlap.
Mountain Bluebirds like to eat a lot of insects and about 60-80% of their diet consists of insects. They perch on posts or small trees and then swoop down to feed on insects. They also enjoy berries and a variety of fruits, so to attract lots of Mountain Bluebirds, you can plant various fruit and berry trees such as bayberry and elderberry.
If you plan on making a feeder, you can opt for a platform feeder filled with chopped fruit and slices of peanuts. You can also mount bluebird boxes on a fence post or pole not any higher than five feet. Keep them as far from human dwelling as possible so as not to scare the Mountain Bluebirds.