The Mountain Chickadee is a medium-sized chickadee with a black bill, gray wings and tail, white cheeks and nape, gray under parts, and white eyebrow. It can be found mostly in British Columbia, California, and Texas. Mountain Chickadees prefer to dwell in coniferous forests. During winters, they can also inhabit river bottoms.
Mountain Chickadees like to feed on insects but also enjoy seeds and the berries of poison ivy, blueberry, bayberry, and serviceberry. If you with to set up a feeder for mountain chickadees in your backyard, make sure you fill it with a lot of seeds like pine seeds and seeds of sunflower, walnut, and pine. Mountain chickadees especially love black oil sunflower seed so make sure you stock a lot of it. They also love suet and peanut mixes.
One option in building a mountain chickadee feeder is to construct one with white pine. Make sure there is a 1-2 inch hole in the feeder so that chickadees will have easy access. Place it in an area that receives balance sunlight and shade. Mount in on a tree or post about 5 to 15 feet high. The entrance hole should not be facing the prevailing wind. Suet feeders are also effective for mountain chickadees.