The Northern Flicker is a yellow bird known as a beautiful woodpecker. It has magnificent golden linings under its wings; hence it is sometimes called “Yellow Shafted Flicker”. Northern Flickers feed mostly on animal matter and insects and sometimes vegetables. They also eat fruits, seeds, and ripe berries as long as such are available. Among the insects, their favorites are the ants.
In making a bird feeder for the Northern Flicker, a good measurement would be a 7” by 7” floor and a 2 ½ inch entrance and mounted about 6-20 feet above ground. You can also put a lot of wood chips inside the feeder to further attract the Northern Flicker. A good type of feeder to use is a suet cage or suet feeder. If you want to make one of your own, remember to drill a few holes in it and wire the cages to the board. Load both cages and suspend the new rig from the hook so it won’t twist. You can be sure that in a few hours, your suet feeder will have its much awaited visitors. Sometimes the Northern flickers tend to be skittish in a new feeder and location, but as long as you work hard at making them comfortable, they will soon enough.