The Northern Mockingbird is a medium-sized songbird that is also known as the “American Nightingale” because of its long and complex songs. Its physical characteristics include a long tail, pale gray upper parts, thin bill, white wing bars, white outer tail feathers, and yellow to orange eyes. Northern Mockingbirds like to dwell in suburbs and hedgerows. As a very persistent singer, Northern Mockingbirds like to sing all throughout the day and night, especially during full moon.
The diet of Northern Mockingbirds often consists of insects such as ants and spiders, seed, and berries. They do not really like to visit seed feeders but you can still attract them to your feeders by placing a suet feeder in your yard. You can also opt to have a platform feeder of fruit feeder and fill it with a lot of dried fruits and raisins. Remember to have a water source which will serve as their drinking station as well as their bird bath.
Other things you can do to attract Northern Mockingbirds to your feeder is to plant a lot of berry bushes like raspberries, grapes, blackberries, and holly. Remember that mockingbirds also like deciduous plants and thorn bushes, so if you have these on your backyard, make sure to protect them.