The Oak Titmouse is one type of the crested North American species, the Titmice. Its physical characteristics include gray coloring, rusty flanks, light colored belly, short and sharp beak, large bright eyes, and a tufted head. It is one of the perkiest birds in the planet and can often be seen flitting about with energy. Titmice act like chickadees but they are larger than chickadees, which are the non-crested American species. They often forage in flocks with other species and like to nest in holes in trees or in nest boxes.
To attract the Oak Titmouse to your feeder, one technique is to plant a lot of seed and nut bearing trees like oak, beechnut, and evergreens. Plant a lot of berry producing bushes as well because all of these serve as food supply to the Oak Titmouse. Remember that the Oak Titmouse often visits feeders during winter, so make sure your feeder is set up come winter time. You can opt to have a peanut feeder filled with kernels, sunflower feeder filled with black oil sunflower seed, a suet feeder filled with suet cakes, or a general platform filed with a mix of all the food. Provide a lot of perching space.