Pigeons are one of the world’s oldest domesticated birds. They have made significant contributions to humanity especially during the times of war when they were made to carry crucial messages. Nevertheless, many people still consider pigeons to be pests. They are also bred for meat and are prized as food.
If you want to feed pigeons, one technique you can try is tube feeding. Tube feeding entails pushing the feeding formula directly into the pigeon’s crop. Tube feeding is used not just to feed pigeons their primary food but also to administer antibiotics and supplemental nutrients.
If you want to make a feeder of your own, one good material to use is galvanized steel. Because pigeons nestle on just about any flat surface, best to make or use would be a platform feeder. The base of the platform should be about 8 inches x 8 inches and the ceiling should have a height of 8 inches as well. Install a heavy wire guard to keep the pigeon from walking or standing in the feed to lessen waster feed. If you are feeding pigeons to equip them for races, feed light during the first part of the week then heavier towards the last part of the week.