The Pine Siskin is a small bird that can be described as having a brown-streaked body, dark tail, slender and pointed bill, and yellow patches and white wing-bars on the wins. It commonly breeds in areas like California, Alaska, Quebec, Texas, and New England and it prefers to live in areas such as woodlands, parks, forests, and pastures.
The diet of the Pine Siskin is mostly composed of seeds. But occasionally, they eat insects as well. They forage for seeds in crowns of conifers as well as in weedy plants like thistle. They are especially attracted to yards that have trees like birches and spruce, that’s why if you want to draw Pine Siskins to your feeder, make sure you put it in an area with many trees. Pine Siskins keep coming back to feeders well-stocked with their favorite seeds like sunflower seeds and niger seed. They’ll readily line up on your feeder as well as in your hands and arms to feed until you run out of food or you get tired of holding them.
As social birds, Pine Siskins are not hard to attract and the simplest feeders will do. One good type of feeder to use is the tubular feeder that is better suited for the smaller-billed birds.