The Purple Finch is a type of finch that has a large, conical bill, and short tail. The male Purple Finch often has a purplish head, breast, back and rump, streaked back, and brown wings and tail. The female Purple Finch has brown upper parts, heavily streaked under parts, and a brown crown and cheek path.
The diet of the Purple Finch is mostly comprised of seeds and insects. But it also eats berries, seeds, small fruits, and weeds. If you plan to have a feeder for the Purple Finch, make sure the feeder you choose or make is designed to hold large quantities of thistle seed because these attract Purple Finches. You can also choose a mesh feeder that has a stainless steel mesh that allows seed to be pulled through. The small openings make it an ideal feeder for the Purple Finch. Or you could buy or make long, slender tubular feeders that consist of two or three tubes attached together. This permits more birds to feed and more types of seed to be offered at the same time.
Make sure you have a lot of sunflower seeds and millet in your feeder. Hang it from a branch. Even on windy days, Purple Finches like to feed on swaying feeders.