The Purple Martin is the largest swallow that be described as having a large head and broad wings. Purple Martins inhabit most of North America and Mexico as well as other parts of America. Purple Martins are some of the most popular visitors and tenants of backyard birdhouses. In making bird feeders for the Purple Martin, you can use metal or wood as material as long as it is colored white. This is because Purple Martins have become accustomed and more attracted in landing white gourds, feeders, and nest boxes.
Make sure the feeder is mounted on metal poles at a height of about 10 to 15 feet off the ground and in open areas. It should be at least 100 feet from homes and 40 feet from trees. Add a predator guard to the pole to protect the Purple Martins from predators. The floor area should be at least 6” x 6” but the larger, the better. The feeder box itself could be about 6 inches high.
You can also build or buy an aluminum feeder and mount it on a telescoping pole. This type of feeder is very easy to clean. You can also include porch rails to help prevent young martins from falling out of the nest.