The Red Breasted Nuthatch is a medium sized nuthatch. Its physical characteristics include blue gray upper parts, rust brown under parts, white eyebrows and throat, slightly upturned bill, black legs and feet, and black cap. It can be found mostly in places such as Canada, Carolina, New England, Arizona, and Florida. It dwells in coniferous forests.
The Red Breasted Nuthatch feeds by wedging nuts into its bark and then hammering them with its bill. In making a feeder for the Red Breasted Nuthatch, ideal dimensions would be a 4 inches x 4 inches floor, a 9 inch ceiling, and a 1 1’4 diameter entrance hole places about 7” above the floor. Make sure to install ventilation openings on the floor and on the roof for regulated temperature. The roof should also be hinged, assembled with screws, and secured with shutter hooks. Mount the feeder box on a tree trunk or post just out of reach or up to 15 feet off the ground. Place several wood chips on the floor to make the Red Breasted Nuthatches feel more at home. You can even glue bark on the exteriors. Other species like wrens and chickadees can also make use of this feeder.