Red-tailed Hawks are the most common and widespread type of hawk in North America. They are large hawks with long and broad wings and pale chests. They often travel in groups and ride thermals to save energy during long flights. They also sit on utility poles as they wait for rodents in the grass. Red-tailed hawks also eat lots of mice and can eat about three white-footed mice every day.
Red-tailed hawks do not frequent feeders very much and would instead hung in more open areas for mammals such as mice, squirrels, snakes, and game birds. Nevertheless, to attract hawks you can make nest and feeder boxes for hawks from a variety of materials. Hawk nest boxes and feeders can be placed almost anywhere. You can also attract hawks into your feeders by setting up perching poles of about 200 ft on the area or field surrounding your feeder. Setting up a lot of perches provides hawks with more positions to hunt for their food or to rest from flight.
One advantage of setting up feeders and perches for hawks is that it may eliminate most of the rodent pests you want to get rid of. Make it easier for the hawks by cutting the grass short because pests can hide in overgrown fields.