The Robin is a black and gray songbird. Its physical characteristics include a black to dark gray head, pale red breast and belly, gray upper parts, thin yellow bill, and a streaked throat. Robins mostly reside in areas with lawns and lots of fruiting trees. It likes to sing very early in the morning can often be found in large flocks outside of breeding season.
The Robin’s diet primarily consists of insects and worms that it catches by snatching its prey on the ground after watching it as it is perching on a higher position. Aside from insects, robins also have a sweet tooth and like to eat cakes, pastries, and sunflower heats. They also love to eat mealworms.
An ideal feeder would be a hanging feeder with a large seed tray that can hold a lot of mealworms, seeds, or kitchen leftovers. The hanging rod should be made of brass for durability. This kind of feeder usually lasts long. The feeder should be covered by an overhanging dome made of polycarbonate that does not easily crack or fade. The height should be adjustable. Putting up a nearby bird bath will also do a lot in attracting the birds to the feeder.