The Scarlet Tanager is a medium-sized bird. Its physical characteristics include a red body, black wings and tail, heavy yellow bill, and gray legs and feet. It can be found mostly in south Canada and North America and it breeds on areas like deciduous forests, suburban area, and parks with large trees.
The diet of Scarlet Tanagers mainly consists of insects like termites, ants, cicadas, leaf beetles, dragonflies, wood borers, weevils, and bees. Occasionally, they also eat fruits and berries like mulberry. They feed by staying among the tree top canopy and foraging for the insects. During colder weather they also seek prey on the ground.
In building feeders for the Scarlet Tanagers, an ideal location would be to set it in a deciduous tree, usually conifers. It should be mounted on a horizontal limb or branch about 20 feet off the ground. Make sure the point of view from the feeder is a clear view of the ground below. Remember to put a water source nearby that will act as their bird bath as well. As for the feeder itself, fill it with some of their favorites like peanuts, bird cakes, and beef suet. You can provide canopy trees that Scarlet Tanagers like to make as their habitats.