The Song Sparrow is a songbird that can be described as having a brown crown, long and rounded tail, conical bill, brown streak, brown back and wings, white under parts, and a grayish face.
Song Sparrows are ground nesters and do not really prefer to build their nests in cavities. This is why you will rarely see birdhouses for the Song Sparrow. However, if you do want to attract Song Sparrows and feed them, you can attempt to do so by building a feeder made of natural wood which appeals to the sparrows. You can make your birdhouse feeder as attractive as you can but make sure it is sturdy enough to because sparrows are social birds that like to nest and feed in colonies.
You can attract more Song Sparrows by planting annual food patches that are about ¼ acre and which are located in flat areas of good soil and sunlight. Set up nest boxes as well measuring about 6 x 6 x 6 inches and mounted 2-3 feet off the ground. The good thing about sparrows is that they easily adapt to any habitat area. However, they prefer areas that are more open and have significant water source.