The Steller’s Jay is a large bird that is the cousin of the Blue Jay. Its physical characteristics include impressive blue and black coloring, a dark colored-chest, dark upper parts, blue wings and tail, and white eyebrow and chin spots. It resides mostly in mixed or coniferous forests but can also be seen in picnic and camping locations. It dwells in places like central America, Alaska, and the Rocky Mountains.
The diet of the Steller’s Jay mostly consists of insects and eggs, pine seeds, nuts, snakes, fruit, frogs, acorns, and carrion. They are known to steal bird eggs and nestlings from the nests of small birds and to attack adult birds just to feed. In human settlings like picnics, these scavengers hoard food and hide it among their habitat.
To attract and feed the Steller’s Jays, one good type of feeder to build or use is the platform feeder made of cedar wood and with an easy-access tray. The bottom should be made in mesh to increase drainage and to prevent mold. The feeder should be able to hold at least 6 quarts of seeds. Cedar wood is a good material for a feeder because it is rust-resistant. Fill your feeder with a lot of seeds, mealworms, fruits, and peanuts.