The Towhee is a large sparrow. Its physical characteristics include brown-gray coloring, long tail, pinkish brown legs and feet, and streaked under parts. It resides mostly in coastal and areas, open woods, suburban gardens, and underbrush. They are highly territorial birds that also like to fly in flocks or groups.
The diet of the Towhees mostly consists of berries but these birds also eat insects especially during spring and summer season. They have slightly unusual eating habits as they hop forward then jump backward, dragging their feet to pull leaves and debris with the purpose of finding seeds and insects. If you plan on attracting or feeding Towhees, one type of feeder that works great is a ground platform feeder. You can place it near underbrush to attract Towhees. Make sure your platform feeder is made of sturdy pine so it is lightweight and easy to move around. The tray should measure about 2-1/2 inches deep and be able to hold a lot of food like seeds and insects. Preferably, the bottom should have a screen and wooden legs for better drainage.
When Towhees are feeding, be careful in making noises because even the slightest disturbance can scare them away.