The Tree Swallow is a medium-sized type of swallow. Its physical characteristics include black bill, legs and feet, dark gray wings, blue green upper parts and white under parts. It is commonly found in wooded habitats near lakes or streams in places such as Alaska, California, Maryland, and the Gulf Coast. It particularly prefers open areas near water like meadows, shorelines, and swamps. Tree Swallows nest in dead trees, fence posts, nesting boxes, and eaves of houses.
The Tree Swallow likes to hunt and feed on flying insects like aerial ants and mosquitoes. As they take on graceful slow and long flights, they immediately turn back when they see insects that they’d like to prey on. To attract and feed Tree Swallows, make sure you have an attractive and durable feeder. Ideal material would be rough cut wood so the swallows can grip the interior and exterior surfaces. Put ventilation openings in the floor and roof to regulate temperature. Install a hinged roof for easier monitoring and cleaning. Mount the feeder from a tree branch, post, or wall at about twenty feet high above ground. The position you mount the feeder in should have a good balance of sun and shade.