The Western Bluebird can be described as about six inches in length and having a blue head, neck, back and tail, reddish brown breast, grayish blue belly, and black eyes and beak. Western Bluebirds often inhabit open countries, farms and towns, forest edges, and tree stands. They can be found in places such as North America, the Rocky Mountains, Mexico, and the Pacific Coast.
The Western Bluebird often eats spiders, caterpillars, grasshoppers, and beetles. They also like to eat berries and other fruits. In making feeders for the Western Bluebirds, one option is to build a box that has a 5” by 5” floor and a 2” entrance hole. Make sure the hinged roof is secure with shutter hooks. Other birds such as swallows, chickadees, wrens and woodpeckers can also benefit from this box.
Mount the feeder about 6 feet high on a post nearby scattered trees or fields. You can also build a bluebird trail of several houses about 100 yards apart. Protect bluebirds from predators with steel posts or sheet metal wrapped around the wood posts. Make sure the location of the feeder gets just the right amount of sunlight and not too much shade or too much direct sunlight through the entrance.