Woodpeckers are birds that can be found all over the world, except in Australia. They live in wooded areas and forests and are known for tapping on tree trunks to find insects and to build nest cavities. They use their strong, pointed beaks to tap into wood. Woodpeckers also have very long tongues, two sharply clawed toes, and stiffened tail feathers. They live for about four to eleven years. They feed mostly on insects as well as fruits and nuts.
In constructing a feeder for woodpeckers, make sure the feeder has a large and rough flat surface wherein they can cling and prop their tails easily. Put secure locks and squirrel resistant ports as well to prevent squirrels and other birds from entering. Make sure you place a lot of seeds like sunflower seeds because woodpeckers love those.
You can also have a suet cake feeder for woodpeckers. Make sure your suet cake feeder has a hinged roof to keep the seed cakes safe and which makes for easy refill as well. A bottom perch shelf is also beneficial because it gives more room for feeding. Mount the feeder on a spot in a tree that is easily visible and not covered by leaves or branches.