Wrens are small and mainly inconspicuous birds that are also called “cave dwellers” because they like to dwell in dark areas. There are about 80 existing species of wrens that can be found all over the world. They have short wings and thin bills with dominating colors of gray, brown, black and white. Most of them are non-migratory birds who like to build dome-shaped nests and sing loud and often complex songs.
Wrens like to feed on vegetable matter and insects. They are not regular bird feeder visitors, but if you want to attract wrens to your feeder, make sure you have plenty of water sources available because they like to visit when they are thirsty. You can also offer a lot of nesting materials like grass, leaves, feathers, and twigs because wrens like to build nests from these materials.
When it comes to food, prepare a lot of suet because suet attracts insect eaters like wrens. For your actual feeder, one good thing to incorporate is a slanted roof with a significant overhang to protect the interiors of the feeder from precipitation. In addition, the slots maintain good ventilation inside the feeder. Use a metal hanger to mount the feeder on a tree.