The platform feeder is the most basic bird feeder. It is also called the tray feeder. It can either be hung or placed on the ground or mounted on a pole. It can attract any bird but is particularly useful for ground eaters such as Doves and Sparrows. A platform feeder on raised edges transforms to a tray feeder.

A platform feeder consists of an open tray upon which the food is placed. This type of feeder offers little protection against squirrels or the weather. Some tube feeders are equipped to attach to a tray feeder so that the advantage of each type’s most beneficial features is attained.

This type of feeder is a must have for any backyard. It is big, easy to fill and can accommodate several birds. Cardinals, Finches, Jays, Grosbeaks, Bluebirds, Blackbirds, Nuthatches, Chickadees, Titmice and Buntings all prefer an open tray feeder. Ground-feeding birds are reluctant to use a tray feeder mounted on a post. These birds can be accommodated by providing a very low tray on stumped logs.

Almost all kinds of seeds can be placed in this bird feeder except for small niger, lettuce and grass seeds which are prone to being blow away and get wasted. Platform feeders are very ideal for doughnuts, bread crumbs and fruit. A common problem with tray feeders is that plenty of seeds get kicked to the ground.

The so-called fly-through feeder is basically a platform feeder with a roof. Roofed feeders offer greater protection from the weather to both food and birds. One popular hanging model is protected by a dome to keep seeds dry and prevent squirrel raids. Shields can be built or purchased to protect the food from squirrels and the birds from the cats.

During the early days before the discovery of fancy screens and storm windows, people simply scattered a handful of crumbs or seeds for the birds on their windowsills. Today, there are window feeders that attach to the outside of a window allowing for a close-up view of the birds. They usually come equipped with suction sups and are typically clear plastic so that owners can easily determine when its time to refill.

One popular model comes with a one-way mirror to allow the feeding activity to be observed while keeping the birds free from being disturbed. The bird feeder can be cleared and food replaced from inside the house. However, the bird feeder needs to be placed in a sunny spot for the one-way mirror to work.

Window feeders are ideal for bird lovers in apartment buildings and individuals that have limited access to the outdoors. There are basically two types – those that attach to a window and those placed inside a windowsill. They can be placed at anytime of the year.

Nearly all types of birds that are typically attracted to feeders will use a window feeder. Some birds may be unable to use it due to their size or their natural suspiciousness of window feeders. Other birds are just naturally selective of the bird feeders they use.

There is a question as to whether suction cups can actually hold the bird feeder in place. These suction cups actually offer long term stability when placed properly. The window and the inside of the suction cups should be cleaned before the bird feeder is mounted. Window feeder or solarium feeder protrudes into the house through an open window.